Theta drops sharply after reaching historic high

THETA price follows a downward resistance line.

There is support at $ 0.58 and resistance at $ 0.77.

The course might have completed a five wave bullish formation

The Theta Network Token (THETA) price is down from its peak on September 30.

There could be a short-term rise, but it seems likely that the price has peaked for an extended period.

Decline in progress

Crypto Engine gradually declines along a descending resistance line from its maximum high at $ 0.798, reached on September 30.

Price hit a low at 0.553 on November 4th, validating the $ 0.57 area as support. It then started to rise. That said, price has yet to break through its descending resistance line. If it does, it could move up to the next resistance, which is located at $ 0.78.

The short-term chart is not yet showing clear weakness, but technical indicators have already reached overbought territory.

In addition, the price is approaching minor resistance at $ 0.695. The latter coincides with the aforementioned resistance line, and could therefore act as a near-term top.

The weekly chart is clearly bearish, knowing that the RSI contains a very pronounced bearish divergence, in addition to having declined from the overbought territory.

So while a crossing of the resistance line may take place, a resurgence of resistance at $ 0.78 seems unlikely

Theta’s price may have completed a five-wave bullish formation (in black below) measured from the March 13 low.

In this case, the price would now have started a long correction, which could take it down to $ 0.32 – $ 0.41. This would fit perfectly with the presence of the long-term bearish divergence.

A rise above its current high of $ 0.798 would negate this possibility.

Cryptocurrency trader @CryptoNTez shared a chart of THETA, showing the price is resting within a minor support area.

Although price has indeed rebounded to the support level at 3,950 satoshis, there is no clear sign of a bullish reversal yet. The MACD is below 0, the RSI is below 50 and the Stochastic Oscillator has generated a bearish cross. No bullish divergence is present in any of these three indicators.

So the current upside is likely to be a rally of relief rather than the start of a new upswing. Once completed, we would expect the price to drop to around 2,900-3,200 satoshis.