Twitter CEO: „You don’t need to buy 1 bitcoin, buy a fraction, add satoshis“

The post was very enjoyable and received several positive comments.

Responding to a follower who said he couldn’t buy 1 bitcoin because it was too expensive, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey replied that he could buy fractions, or, add satoshis.

A satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin (0.00000001), each unit of the digital coin has eight decimal places, which are known as „satoshis“. This name was given in honor of the creator of the coin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

For example, with R$ 100 today you can buy 0.001 bitcoin, or, 102011 satoshis. The idea of the Twitter CEO that is widely advocated in the community is that people who cannot buy a bitcoin, should, as far as possible, „add satoshis“.

There is a false impression that bitcoin is not within everyone’s reach due to its current high value, but the truth is that anyone can buy fractions of the digital currency.

Imagine if every month a person can accumulate a few satoshis, as time goes by they can have a considerable fraction of the digital gold.

To convert bitcoins into satoshis you can use this tool.

The twitter CEO shared a video of a digital Crypto Method payments application, the Cash App, then his follower replied that he could not buy bitcoin because it was too expensive (restricted).

Jack then responded:

„You don’t need to buy 1 Bitcoin, just buy a fraction. Add Satoshis'“
Join Satoshis Jack Dorsey
Join Satoshis Jack Dorsey
The post was very enjoyable and received several positive comments.

Jack Dorsey is an old bitcoin enthusiast, this year his other company, Square, invested $50 million to buy 5,000 bitcoins.